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Cables and Wires

Contractors need wires and cables for a wide range of applications, such as setting up electrical circuits or installing a thermostat or HVAC product or any industrial operation. Project managers need everything from thermal wires for high temperature applications to power supply cords for computers. Electricians also need a supply of wires and cables to keep the electricity running effectively at their locations.

Martdon manages an extensive inventory of coaxial cable, lead wire, MIL-Spec wire, and electrical cable. As a leading stocking distributor and manufacturer of these types of wire and cable and more, we always maintain large quantities of stock to enable quick turnaround times.

  • Hook-Up Wire / Lead Wire
  • Automotive Wire & Battery Cable
  • Marine Wire, Boat Cable & Shipboard Cable
  • High Temperature Wire
  • Mil Spec Wire & Cable
  • Aerospace Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Power Cables & Portable Cord
  • Computer Cable & Data Communications Cable
  • Security Cable, Specialty Lighting & Fire Alarm Cable
  • Tray Cable and Instrumentation Cable
  • Industrial Cable
  • Control Cables & Automation Cables
  • Halogen Free Cable
  • Rapid Transit Cable
  • Utility Cable
  • Solar Cables & Wind Turbine Cables
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Cable Ties & Connectors
  • AWC Custom Cable Parts

If you’re looking for Mil-spec wire and cable, we carry several different varieties need including hard to find part numbers.

We also carry Halogen-Free cables in several varieties. Halogens are released from regular cable when burned, and are toxic to humans, animals, and the environment. As these cables do not contain any halogens, they are safer to use where they could meet flame. If your build requires Halogen-free cable, MARTDON offers Halogen-Free Single Conductor Cable, Halogen-Free Control, and Data Cable as well as Halogen-Free Motor Cable.

However, if you need custom cable, we make ordering custom cables easier than ever. We also provide value-added services including re-spooling, cut and stripping, dying, printing, and packaging to meet our customers’ requirements for cabling and wiring.

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